Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sandhill Cranes

Not long after arriving at Florida Grande, we heard a strange, rumbling and squeaking noise, which sounded like the furnace fan motor had gone south!! It didn't take long to learn that this unusual sound was created by the huge Sandhill Cranes which grace this area.
The cranes are big birds, with long legs and necks and wingspans up to six feet. They are gray with red crowns on their beaks.

There is a pair which patrols our area everyday......... and the males perform an intricate and silly sort of dance for their "girl", as they jump into the air and flail their wings....

they are interesting, if noisy, daily visitors!

We have enjoyed the entertainment by these unusual birds and look forward to their strolls thru the park each morning.


Wanda said...

Happy February - warm weather can't be too far behind! do you think Katie would like these at the farm?

Thanks for sharing - love you both WB

Leno said...

We used to have those cranes in our yard, at our house in Florida.

Roz aka Charles said...

C'mon Bob, don't you do that same dance for Molly?