Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Sleepy Hollow

What a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! It was Shirley and C.M. Solomon's anniversary, and Shirley wanted to go to Sleepy Hollow, a local "biker bar" here on the Withlacootchie River......

So, with Shirley and Terry Stevens, leading the way, as our only "bikers", off we went to Inverness and a lovely Valentine's afternoon under the Live Oaks and Spanish Moss!
It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and we decided to give in to the smell of food on the grill as soon as we got there....
they cook a great steak over wood fires, along with baked potatoes and corn on the cob, for the outrageous price of $5.00!! And C.M. treated all of us to lunch, to celebrate his anniversary...thanks C.M and Shirley!!

Happy Anniversary to C.M. and Shirley... two great folks!!

Then there was lots of visiting with the "bikers", who by the way, are a very friendly lot!!
Shirley, Molly, Betty and Janice with a friendly biker
Here's Marty, a friendly fellow who caught our attention with his most unusual prosthetic... a piston head from a motorcycle engine! He is a most talented mechanic and a very clever guy, as he designed this "foot", with the blessing of his orthopedic doctor, after determining that the "foot" they had installed for his prosthetic was very unforgiving and not at all flexible. His balance is amazing and he is very sure-footed, after loosing his lower leg in a trike accident. He was most gracious to us, sharing his story and chatting with us at length, even though it was quite obvious that we were only biker "wanna-bee's"!

Marty, you are an inspiration for all of us!

Then the girls had to shop for "biker attire" at the leather vendors set up there......

Molly (above) and Carol (below) leather shopping (well, maybe not)!

And all the girls had to run their fingers thru C.M.'s "fuzzy hair", borrowed from Leylon!

Airboats are the boat of choice here on the rivers and lakes....we got to see them in action here at Sleepy Hollow.... it looks like a lot of fun, so we plan to take a ride on one very soon!

Sleepy Hollow is a well hidden jewel.... a sleepy little oasis under the oaks along the river....they keep the wood fired grills going, churning out tasty chow, and have a really good band playing lots of old Southern Rock and Beatles favorites.
And is this the most amazing fire pit??? with a ready-to-burn pile of firewood....what more could a happy camper want?

I just loved the sign on the "ladies room"....complete with visual sketches!!

No, we're not having a mid-life crisis, but we sure are having fun! Just don't be too surprised if you see Bob looking for a Harley one day soon!! :)

And, Kristy, this Valentine Biker day is for you, since I know you never thought you'd see us at a biker we know what fun we've been missing!

Happy Anniversary to Shirley and C.M., and thanks to Shirley and Terry for sharing Sleepy Hollow with us! Terry and Shirley, our "real" bikers!

Happy Valentine's Day and big hugs to all!


squawmama said...

Hey guys just stopped by after seeing you on another blog... Sounds like you all had a lot of fun... We were just up in that area about a week ago... We RVed at the Brooksville Airport during the FMCA rally... I will be coming by again to visit you all... Come on over and visit me...


Charles aka Roz said...

Mollu's Bad Bob the Biker Boy?

Sounds like it was totally fun!