Monday, February 23, 2009

George and Charlotte go to the Bullfight!

Last week our good friends from Warsaw, George and Charlotte Jenkins, came down for a visit...... sure was great to see these guys and share some warm weather with them!!

We checked out the Webster Market and then spent some time visiting on the patio, when the bulls in the field behind us got a little testy....

all of the cows fled the field with their calves and left the bulls to "duke it out"... and they entertained us for close to an hour with some pretty intense bull fighting!

There were two sets of bulls, fighting first in pairs of two, then, "two-against-one"....they were fiesty and noisey....bellowing, charging and kicking up both the dust and their hooves!

Who knew our normally serene cow pasture would provide such exciting entertainment for us!!! We hope George and Charlotte enjoyed their ring side seat for the bullfight! We both enjoyed our time with them, and look forward to their next visit!
Hugs to everyone! :)

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squawmama said...

Looklike the bulls were just a little frisky... I bet it was fun to watch... Thanks for the fun post