Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun with SPAM.....

Antebellum Monticello, FL

Lovely Christ Episcopal Church (click to enlarge and see the amazing stained glass!)

Wednesday brought gorgeous weather and we were heading towards Tallahassee to spend some time with Smokey and Pam (SPAM) at Roger and Sue Haddis' place, which we dubbed "Almost Paradise"......Roger and Sue have about 10 acres near the little antebellum town of Monticello. What a delightful place....they have parking for several RV's, surrounded by tall trees, and of course, the requisite Spanish Moss, a huge firepit, and all the other natural surroundings to make "camping" really FUN!

SPAM...Smokey and Pam

Almost Paradise (click to see Buster and Bailey!)

Roger and Sue are two wonderful folks and great hosts...we were sorry they had to leave Thursday morning heading to Alabama, but we saved some Coconut Cream pie for you....Pam has custody of the pie...... so all bets are off!!!!!! But you have a standing raincheck for a pie next time our paths cross!!

Oh, and did I mention that these guys drive BIG trucks?...really BIG trucks....we feel like a tiny sardine next to them!!!

Pam had a big pot of Spaghetti sauce simmering when we arrived and served us a great dinner Wednesday evening...there is always something so comforting about Italian was a feast that we enjoyed for sure!!! We brought tons of ripe strawberries from Webster, so we made up a Lendy's Fresh Strawberry Pie for dessert....gee, we will miss our fresh berries!! YUMYUM!
Bob, Pam, Smokey and Roger, ready for Spaghetti!

Bob and Smokey fired up the campfire both nights and we had a grand ol' time enjoying the flames! Last week Pam emailed me asking if I had a recipe for Italian Beef.....well, I had never heard of it, but started researching and it sounded GOOD! So discovering that this is a slow cooked beef roast loaded with garlic, oregano, basil, and other wonderful Italian herbs, then shredded and served with Aus jus on fluffy rolls.....well, I just had to try this recipe!!! And, boy, are we glad we did....that stuff was good!!! It is just downright plain ol' good, aromatic and enticing beef! (Sorry, Katie!) We also simmered squash with bacon and onions and that little ol' Pineapple Cheddar casserole....then we enjoyed it all under the trees with the campfire glowing! YUM YUM just doesn't get much better that this!

Well, maybe a little better, because we still had to eat Coconut Cream Pie and German Chocolate Pie......

There was a little game of Hand and Foot going on....sorry girls, but the gals lost; only because it was decided to quit when the guys were ahead due to the falling darkness!

Serious Hand and Foot!

What a memorable and fun time we had with two of our very favorite people!! It is always good to spend time with SPAM!!! We'll miss these guys, and their furry kids, Buster and Bailey, but we'll see them down the road again soon!

Hugs to everyone!


Marcia and Joe said...

Molly, Whenever I read your blog, it's like I can see in my mind whatever you are writing about. You do a terrific job. Hope to do half as good a job on my own blog. Be safe, and see you all soon.

squawmama said...

Good Morning All... Well sounds like you had a great time up there visiting your friends... I love Monticello... We actally wanted to move there many years ago... Have a safe trip.


Roger said...

Hello Molly and Bob!!!

We enjoyed your blog about SPAM and our place. We want you to come back soon and often.

I sure hope Pam saved some of that pie!!! If not.......well, she knows what can happen when I get upset! (Kiddin Pam!)

Travel safe,

Roger & Sue

pam ridgely said...


I won't tell you the dogs ate it!!!! We still have half the pie as planned. Hope it is still good. Maybe I should let Smokey check it out....heh,heh,heh