Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Texas has hills...and there's snow at home!

It's snowing at home!
The Farm lane

We arrived in Kerrville Sunday around noon at the Buckhorn Lake Resort. Donna and Kieth and Lynette and Mac were already here and Dortha and Mark, Ellie and Jim, Deb and Rod, Arlene and Kevin, and Kathy and Chuck all arrived shortly. More photos later!

We literally waltzed across Texas with strong crosswinds all the way from Baton Rouge.....and we skirted Houston on Saturday afternoon...whew...we thought Northern Va traffic was the nations "finest".....well, NoVa doesn't have a thing on Houston! I 10 was mostly a thinned downed version of an interstate with lanes about 8' 8" wide...(the motorhome is 8"6" wide)!!! Jersey barriers on the sides of course....later opening up to six lanes of wide open traffic! and these Texans are some gutsy drivers....at one point two SUVS left another road which paralled I 10, crossed the grassy median (about 100 feet or so) and tried to enter I 10 right in front of us! Yikes!...Bob gave them a dose of the Hadley's and the second one wisely decided to stop on the shoulder before cutting us off....good thing, as we would've run right over that little SUV. Just goes to show you that all those crazy drivers in the D.C. area are actually from Texas!!! Who knew????!!!

At any rate, we missed all the storms and tornados in Alabama and Florida, and just fought the ever present Texas wind, to arrive safely! (Thanks to everyone who called or emailed checking on us!!! We dodged all the bullets just fine!!)

And guess what? Texas has HILLS!!!! We've crossed Texas three times in a hurry, never having time to stop and look around...but it was flat and long. Not so here...hills everywhere, and the first Blue Bonnets were peaking out on the roadsides, so I sure hope to see the hillsides covered with blooming Blue Bonnets before we leave this lovely area. There's much to see and do here, so we'll be busy!

NOW, there's BIG snow at home!! Gee, I'm glad we missed it!! :) So here are the photos of the big white stuff.....12" at the Farm in Montpelier, 8" at the River, and somewhere in between everywhere else! Paul and Katie sent Farm photos....

Looking at the Barn

Paul plowing the lane

The birdfeeder in KK's yard

It's only going to be 70 degrees here today, bright sunshine, too.....we're not missing the snow one bit! :)

Hugs to everyone!


Paula and Tom said...

Hey Guys
Welcome to Texas. See you on the 16th give or take a day
Tom & Paula

JB said...

Can't wait to see the calendar of events....lol, sounds like you are having a great time there.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Welcome to Texas.
Oh, The Texans think that the crazy drivers are all from someplace else!!
I hope to see you at Kerrville in a few days. I don't know when I can leave here, yet.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Joe and Sherri said...

Molly and Bob the crazy drivers here are all from the north. Texans only drive at night trying to avoid them...HE HE :)
See you Friday...

Joe and Sherri