Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chocolates, cordials and Fried Turkeys

For another fun evening, the Happy Hour theme was Chocolates and Cordials.....everyone brought rich and delicious chocolate themed foods to share or a favorite cordial. Off and running again for a jolly night, as we tasted the many flavors.....Kahlua's, Bailey's, exotic fruits and cremes, Vanilla (43) and a wonderful set of German Schnappes...raspberry, pear, apple, and many others. Of course, this preceeded the Chilli Cook-off, so all of the Chilli's tasted wonderful!

Thursday brought the Thanksgiving in March dinner....or just any excuse to have Fried Turkeys! The "Turkey Chefs" gathered at the pot around noon, cooking three turkeys and five turkey breasts. All the Betty Crockers provided great sides: stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, salads, broccoli dishes, even homemade rolls, fresh from John Newby's oven!! We shared some mighty fine, and very fun dining adventures!

A few fun photos from the Rally....Greg and Jean Eckert, Mark and Renita Bracken with Jim and Nancy Tidball, John Kayart, Bob and Molly, Norah and Howie share a dance, Hank and Patti, Mark and Renita, Jim Tidball and his look-a-like, Simba, and John and Lora Newby

Saving the best for last, the final Happy Hour event, was an Appetizer contest....all the ladies and some gents, brought their best appetizer, and after feasting on the goodies, we all voted for the best. There were some tempting offerings including Crab dips, Shrimp dip, jalapeno poppers...yep, once again too many goodies...but the big winner was Deb's Ceviche.....Red Snapper in lime juice with cilantro and fresh tomatoes....WOW was it good!!

Deb with the Grand Prize for Appetizers! (Flip Flop coasters for your wine glass!)

Deb and Rod

By this time we are just about "rallied out" and very overstuffed!

More Rally folks........

......and more rally fun......

......Yes, indeed, it was the best of times!

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