Monday, March 30, 2009

Ongoing "Education"...Rally Style!

Well, it's not ALL fun and games!!! We really do learn a lot of things, and share lots of useful knowledge at our rallies!
Below, Marty Cassidy presents his interesting and entertaining seminar on Geneology!
And here, below, you see us doing some serious blogging and Picasa tutorials, in our Blogger Workshop.......
Below we are learning the stars and constellations in a Star Gazing event, authored by our very own Science teacher, Mark Bracken......

Hank Landry led a Geocaching workshop and demostrated the use of the Handheld GPS devices to locate geocaches!
(below, Bob finds his first Geocache!)

And Patti Landry led a Craft workshop teaching the ladies how to make their T-Shirts into lovely tops with a braiding technique!

The girls show off their completed t-shirts!

It truly was the best of times.....and we were exercising our brains daily!!

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