Saturday, March 28, 2009

A look at St Paddy's Day in Boerne

Pronounced "Ber-nee", Bourne is the lovely little Texas town where we gathered for our Reunion Rally....there were 18 rigs and 33 folks in attendance, all of us Escapees members and full time traveling RV'ers. Many of us first met in Quartzsite, Arizona last year, and some of us at other Escapee events previously.

Since St. Patricks Day fell during the Rally....we had to celebrate it!

Patti and Molly share some "Green Wine"

For Happy Hour, everyone brought Green snacks to share....who knew there were so many creative green foods? We had Pistachio nuts, guacamole, a wonderful green cheese, green corn muffins with little wienies, green jalapeno poppers, Good and Evil pickles, olives, Spinach dip, Key Lime mini tarts, green tortilla chips, green chile sauce, and lots of other yummy green things! Bobbie Chapman was our Happy Hour Hostess-with-the-Mostest and she did a fabulous job every evening!

Happy Hour was celebrated with GREEN APPETIZERS!

Howie and Bob add the "Secret Ingredient" to the Hobo Stew!!

A wonderful Hobo (or Roadkill) Stew was prepared with everyone bringing a can of "something" to contribute to the pot. The stewmasters worked their magic and served a wonderful stew for dinner!

The "cans" lined up for the Stew!

I can't remember having quite so much fun on St. Paddy's day...thanks for the memories guys!

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Doncat and Cheryl said...

Molly, you should have baked some flaming green croissants for the occasion......
Looks like a wonderful time.
Best Wishes... Don and Cheryl