Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eggs-in-a-Bag and a Chilli Cook-off

If you've never cooked "Eggs-in-a-Bag".....well, you'll just have to wonder about it until you do it!!
Joe Jones introduced most of us to this treat in the desert last year and it's the most fun you'll ever have at breakfast!

Everyone brings an omelet ingredient to share and the number of eggs they wish to eat. Crack the eggs into a ZipLock freezer bag and squish them up very well....then add the yummy things like, mushrooms, green onions, peppers, bacon, swiss, cheddar or jack cheeses, sausage, salsa or Patti's tiny diced Jalapeno peppers!

Lora Newby drops her eggs in the pot!

Then drop the bag into a huge pot of boiling water and cook for about 13 minutes or so.....
....and enjoy a wonderful and tasty omelet, fresh from the bag!
Another fun dinner event was the "Chilli Cook-Off", where the participants competed for the honor of Chilli Champion, as well as fed us all a tasty meal! There were seven participants creating seven delicious pots of Chilli.....and three "independent" judges: John Wehrung, Tom Nankivell, and Greg Eckert. After the blind taste test, they proclaimed Joe Jones the winning Chilli Champion!

Joe serves his winning Chilli!

Asked to reveal their "secret ingredients", Joe divulged that his was " a packet of Chilli seasoning mix from Wal-Mart and "the Love" he stirred the pot with!!

Bob then revealed that his "secret ingredient" was six pints of Wendy's chilli, dumped into his dutch oven......LOL.....and it was pretty darned good chilli too!!!

All of the chillis were great, so everyone was a winner!!!

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Chasingthe70s said...

It was the LOVE that made the chili so good, I guess Wendy's just didn't have enough LOVE in theirs.
As for the eggs in a bag it is better to add the cheese after it has been cooked in the boiling water.