Friday, March 27, 2009

Queen of the Flaming Croissants

Yes, I've lost my Martha Stewart job and been awarded "Second Place" in Croissant baking!

Early on the morning of our first "Coffee" gathering, thinking it would be so nice to have some flakey, warm croissants, I placed them in the range to warm.....hmmmm....not warming up so the oven was turned to "broil" and those little flakey puffs were placed under the broiler.

Then getting my coffee in Grannies "Angry Bluebird" mug, I was chatting with Norah and Howie and Hank and Patti....until I smelled SMOKE......then opened the oven to see FLAMES...Oh My!......opened again...Oh My!....more FLAMES, more SMOKE.....Howie grabs the fire extinguisher....Patti grabs the CAMERA!!! Bob opens the door and grabs the flaming CROISSANTS, running them outside!!! Of course, our fireman, Jim Chapman had just left the building....where's our fireguy....we missed you Jim????

Thus began the entertainment for our Reunion Rally week....... photos with the charcoaled croissants were required, and then they were placed on the buffet counter with the sign "You snooze, You loose"....because all of the late arrivals had missed the fun of those flaming croissants!!

Patti, our official photographer, kindly had me join the torched croissants on the sidewalk outside for photos!!!

The next morning, I again attempted to warm a batch of croissants, only narrowly avoiding the same fate as the previous day.....mysteriously a "SECOND PLACE" ribbon appeared on the plate!!!

Hey, second place is not so bad!!

On the final evening of the rally, there was a presentation of a freshly polyurethaned, burned croissant...with a flashing tiara in the center.....

...being the Queen of the Flaming Croissants isn't really so bad after all!!


Marcia and Joe said...

You are still Miss Betty Crocker. Great job with your blog. When are you coming to Livingston?

Anonymous said...

Hummmm... So you obliged Bob with a few charcoal brickettes for added favor on the grill. Great planning and also so thoughtful to think of your husband's needs.


greg and jean said...

Thank you for waking me up with a good chuckle this morning !!!

Anonymous said...

Well now I sure wish I could have been there for that!! Had a good visit last night thanks for coming and remember that supper is waiting for you when you come to the farm.

Brenda Brown

Tiffany Howell said...

Who would have guessed that you owned an appliance store for 20 years?? LOL