Thursday, March 26, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets and Steampots by the Gulf

I've been waiting to see the Texas Bluebonnets blooming, and they have been a little scarce, due to the drought, but yesterday we chanced upon a spot of them as we were locating a geocache hidden near the Rockport shore! Nearby were lovely wildfowers, so it was time to gather a tiny bouquet to grace the one little vase hidden in the MH! Driving thru the barrier Island of Port Aransas, we saw our first lovely Roseate Spoonbill, the corally pink, large bird that migrates thru the coast here. At first glimpse you may think it is a Pink Flamingo, but it's truly more like a Great Blue Heron, with rose colored feathers and a flat, spoon-like bill. Perhaps there'll be another one around when we have the zoom lens on!

In the evening we met John (JB) and Brenda at The Boiling Pot for a steam pot dinner (Freshly steamed seafood with corn, dumped from the pot, in the center of a paper covered table)...this was right up our alley as we love steaming the local seafood in the big pot.....and we are not strangers to picking crabs...YUM! Our Canadian friends did a great job attacking the King and Snow crabs, even though Brenda couldn't look at the little "faces" on the shrimp and crawfish! The crawfish were a new experience for us, but they were pretty tasty once we pulled the morsel from its spiny tail! The Blue crabs were good also, considering they were Texas we shared the art of picking a Blue crab, Chesapeake style. Too bad we didn't take our crab knives! A fun and memorable evening with good folks!

John and Brenda, two wonderful Canadian folks!

The weather is warm, no, HOT, and breezy...really wonderful! Even though it has been overcast many mornings, it usually burns off and give us a little sun in the afternoons. I've been going through the many photos taken in Boerne and trying to get some writing done for the journal....whew...there were A LOT of photos and A LOT of memories! :) We are still completely infatuated with Rockport and the Gulf coast here...but we will leave, heading East, one day soon!


Doncat and Cheryl said...

I am envious of your life style! Good pictures. Anyway my email is: and yes I do have 3 or 4 tableclothes left. I will have to find out which colors when I go to the camper. I believe I have red and grey. If you are headed northeast maybe I can deliver :) lol. I will post the colors as soon as I find out and I will be happy to mail some to you..... Don Catoe

Mickey ( JB`S cousin ) said...

Me too enjoy!!

JB said...

Oh my God, my shirt doesn't match my shorts, how ever will I regain my Thanks for the memories.

Bob and Molly said...

How 'bout those Canadians, eh?

Mark and Dortha said...


I won't tell anyone that you picked our bluebonnets, our state flower. I am glad you got to see them in bloom.


Joe and Sherri said...

Appears you are having just too much fun down there. Wish we could join you but maybe another time.

Joe and Sherri