Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Buckhorn Lake Resort

The Theatre/Dinner Barn

Buckhorn Lake is a very nice park with lots of concrete, 50 Amps, and great facilities! They have an amazing Barbeque Patio that we will use later in the week....maybe there'll be a photo!

The weather is pretty darn nice....sunny, in the seventies by 10 AM and still in the fifties at night! Very refreshing!

Monday evening we had a Texas Independence Day dinner with Beans, Rice, cornbread and all the other yummy fixings.....including several chocolate cakes and a German chocolate one.....

Deb... Prinzessin der Deutsch Schokoladen-kuchen!

(Princess of the German Chocolate cake!)

A picture is worth a thousand more to be said about our cakes!!! :)

Tuesday Bob and I drove up to Fredericksburg, about 25 miles North of here; it is a community settled predominantly by Germans, in the early to late 1800's and the Bavarian influence is still strong!!! We had a great Jaeger Schnitzel at Der Lindenbaum for was really good!!! The plan is to eat Schnitzel until we don't want anymore....hmmmm..wonder how long that will take????

Donna, Kieth and Bob at Der Lindenbaum

Tuesday evening, Buckhorn Resort served a Pork Loin dinner here at the park, so we all partook and enjoyed a very nice night!

Bob, Donna, Nolan, Kevin, Arlene, Kieth and Donna

Some of the RV'ing folks Gathered here.........

Kevin and Arlene

Donna and Nolan

Molly and Bob

Kieth and Donna

Greg and Lynette

Chuck and Kathy

it was a lovely dinner, and we were entertained by Sarah Getto, a young woman born blind and with a severe cleft palate. She most assuredly won the "parent lottery", and went on to become a talented singer and musician, with a sound that is something like a cross between Anne Murray, Karen Carpenter and Patsy Cline. (Visit

Sarah Getto sharing her talents!

There's been much to do and lots of good folks to visit with...we are really liking this Texas Hill Country!


Debbie and Rod said...

That cake was SOOOOO yummy!!!


Terry said...

Just in case you haven't been there yet.. Gibsons Hardware in Kerrville is kinda like Yoder's General Store in Shipshewana. Just a lot more stuff.

"Stonehinge" north of Kerrville is interesting also, just don't continue out on the road. It's about 30 miles until you can come back via another road, to I-10. Been there, did that while we were at the rally. Also there is a little restaurant at the "Y' before the cutoff for "Stonehinge". It's upper "Yuppie" style and not anywhere close to the meal we got at the Corner Cafe for 4x the price.

But then again the two of you have probably found everything we've missed in our three trips to the Hill Country.