Saturday, March 7, 2009

Altdorf Biergarten, Opa's and Jolly Times

Eine Erhebung der Amerikaner....Our Gathering of Americans in the Biergarten Altdorf (Click on any image to enlarge) (The lovely ladies in the upper right kindly took our photos while we were dining)

Wednesday we headed back to the hamlet of Fredericksburg for a little shopping and dining on German food!! How many ways can you say "Delightful"??!! (Freude!) The weather man smiled on us again with brilliant blue skies and balmy weather....Did I say that we really like this Texas weather? :)

Kieth, Mac and Kevin checking the weather!

Zweibel Schnitzel (Pork cutlet with Bacon and Onion gravy

Eine schöne Gruppe!! (A handsome group)

The German influence in this town softens the hard edges of Texas in a most desirable way. There was German spoken in several of the small shops, and of course, the German foods and beverages were a real treat. There is a hint of Bavaria-gone-dusty-trail as you gaze down the streetscape.

After a truly delicious lunch with yummy schnitzels, wursts, and burgers, we ambled over to Opa's Sausage shop.....

Die Wurst-Esser (The Sausage eaters!) (Click on any photo to enlarge) The background photo is the lovely Mountain Laurel shrub blooming now in Hill Country

...we tasted some of the "best wurst".....bratwurst, knockwurst, cheese, jalepeno.... and we all had to stock up on this German delicacy!

This was my favorite porch....Texas-Deutsche style!

And, of course there was the campfire on Tuesday popcorn, turnovers in the fire...........

Toasting up the goodies!

Donna samples the apple turnovers!

How nice it has been to meet up again with folks we haven't seen since last year, and to meet more new folks here at our Gathering......
.....we are truly grateful for the most enjoyable days and evenings spent with friends and fellow RV'ers...these are the best of times!!


Bob said...

Ich hoffe Sie meinen, "Zwiebel Schnitzel"? wenn Sie nicht ein Art von "zweifel Schnitzel" meinen??

Louise said...

Love the "Old Fart" photo!

coffee said...

classic shots: i love the visual style of your blog