Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas

Yes, there is a Luckenbach, Texas, and it is a haven from life in the fast lane!

The fastest drawing armadillo in Luckenbach

Luckenbach was just a sleepy village inhabitated by mostly settlers of German descent, until around 1970, when descendants of Jacob Luckenbach advertised the township for sale, consisting of 10 acres of land, a General Store with a post office, and a fine dance hall with a maple floor. Hondo Crouch, a music lover, purchased the property, mostly because, as a municipality, he could then set and control the laws governing the dance hall and saloon. Local musicians performed and many inpromptu "Jam sessions" took place in the laid back Texas country atmosphere.

Contrary to the song, Waylon and Willie had not visited Luckenbach prior to their 1977 recording of the famous song...they did however become patrons of Luckenbach and in the 80's kicked off the Fourth of July Celebration at Luckenback.....the rest is history...and it is still a tiny sleepy little place with a population of three or so!

We ventured up to Luckenbach on a recent Saturday afternoon, meeting Deb and Rod, Donna and Nolan, and Chuck and Kathy.

There was quite a crowd assembled, listening to the local country singer, crooning under the pavillion. It was also the weekend of the annual "Mud Dauber Festival".....when the mud daubers return to Luckenbach, much as the swallows return to Capistrano.....thus a reason for a celebration...Texas style!

Yes, there was this cowboy there enticing the women to ride this bull (funny, but he did not entice any men!), so of course, someone had to ride the bull....and some others had to watch!

Deb, Kathy and Donna, with The Bull and me!

Donna and Nolan (freshly beard!)

Chuck, Kathy and Molly

Venturing to "uptown" Luckenbach, you will find a small farm, and this friendly farmer, Monroe, is an artist. He paints bluebonnets on granite, plaques, ornaments and such. When he is away from his shop, the doors are left open, with a note to make your selection and drop the payment in his pot as you leave......I did just that, buying the little ornament above, and there was a fair amount of cash in his little pot! What a great way to do business!! We later met him at the local market and told him he had a little stash in his pot....he just smiled and thanked as usual in Luckenbach, Texas!

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Leslie Sanders said...

He Bob: Continue to grow your new beard, because of it's color, you will be able to play Santa at Christmas.....Just kidding....enjoy your blogs....Stay safe, we miss you guys....