Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mom's Flowers still bloom

Mom and Dad always loved flowers and something was always in bloom at their house. Daddy had such a green thumb...everything he touched would flourish!
Last year, as these Jonquils and Hyacinths began to languish in their pots on Mom's little terrace, she asked my sister Wanda to take them home and plant them.

Wanda took them to her home last Spring, and planted them by her stone wall. As the Spring sun began to warm the ground this year, they came to life with blossoms just as lovely as the ones Mom had enjoyed last Spring.
After losing Mom this year, it's good to see her flowers flourishing! Mom would be so pleased to see them!

Dad's Calla lillies and Mom's Tiffany Rose bush were also transplanted from her home, to mine, and then to Tiffany's, so hopefully June will bring blooms from those much loved plants also. Some things just keep on living and giving.......

Thanks Wanda and Stuart, for sending these photos to brighten our days!


Anonymous said...

oh those are lovely Molly. I won't see any spring flowers at home until the end of May I am sure.


Anonymous said...

So lovely to see those flowers - after all the sorrow of the past year they are a sure sign of God's grace and goodness. A very tangible remembrance of your Mom & Dad for all to see. I am sure they are watching you all and pleased to see their flowers continuing on for the future. Barb W

Mark and Dortha said...

Oh Molly...my mom and your mom would have made a great pair!


Wanda said...

I have some of the creeping flox that Daddy and I got when Mama was in the hospital. I planted it here on the other side of the steps and it's blooming now. There something to remind me of both of them each time I use the steps. This has truly been a beautiful spring - thanks for posting these picture for others to enjoy - love you WB

MarkandRenita said...

You have been truely blessed.