Monday, April 27, 2009

Fast-forward to Myrtle Beach, SC

Well, it seems I have been remiss with the blog....but time just mosies on; there's always something up, back at the Farm, or at the River, where we are spending our time. There are many tales from the Chicken Coop and those will be shared sometime!

But fast-forwarding to today(Sunday), we left the MH at the Farm and headed South to the Condo in Myrtle Beach for a couple weeks....We've enjoyed Spring in Florida, in Texas, in Virginia and now, in Myrtle Beach! And what a joy it is to see the Azaleas, Dogwoods, Flox, Blue Bonnets, Wisteria and Jasmine blooming across the regions....and, yes, Dortha, I cut the Dogwoods (Virginia's State Flower) too, for my little vase, just like those lovely Blue Bonnets! :) I will share some with you if you come to Virginia!!

The new background photo, above, is the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean from the porch. (Yes, Deb, that is sunRISE as in AM!) The previous photo was of a Church spire viewed from the San Antonio River, through the bougainvillea on the RiverWalk

Eric on first base
Eric (Kristy's youngest son) is playing baseball in the Little League, so it's been a lot of fun going to his games. It's his first year playing, and he's doing pretty well...he's a good hitter and gains confidence with each game, so I hope we can see more of his games when we get back to the Farm.

Katie's mare, Heaven Can't Wait, is expected to foal next week, so we may miss the big event. Paul installed a wireless camera and has uplinked it to this website and Heaven can be viewed in her stall every night, so the big event can be watched from wherever....She will have the foal during the nighttime, and they will call so we can participate!

So, there will be some sun-n-fun and maybe some Shaggin', and lots of Beach Music, on Ocean Boulevard......I'm so grateful to be here in one of our favorite spots!

Bob chillin' out!

Hugs to everyone!!


Chasingthe70s said...

Hey Molly, I sure am glad to see Bob has allowed you the time to make a post on your blog.

I know you two will enjoy the time on the beach, even though we won't be making a visit this year.

Looking forward to seeing you in MO.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad to see you posting again...was going to email you today. Expecting snow in Colorado, ugh! Miss you.

Bob and Molly said...'d better come on down....the seventies are here for sure...76 today, 77 tomorrow, 77 get the picture??? The weather is just perfect!!!
You too, Sn*w here for sure...just sunny days and warm nights! HUGS, guys, we miss you!

Debbie and Rod said...

Ya know, that picture COULD be a sunset on the Pacific for all I know! ;-)

Debbie & Rod

Mark and Dortha said...

You know you could press all those state flowers you are cutting. Pretty soon you would have a whole collection. LOL

Enjoy the beach.


Hawkeye and CoderDeb said...

Molly, Gary and I have spent some happy times in Myrtle Beach too. We haven't been in a couple of years and look forward to getting back there at some point. We're heading west for now. Maybe next year. We're enjoying keeping up with you and Bob via the blog..please keep on posting. Your pictures are great. Deb