Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Digital TV Wookalars!!!

Those of you who know Bob, know that he is a "Master of the buttons", a true Audio/Visual/Electronics guru and he likes his TV "well done".......well, lately the TV Wookalars have been upon our televisions and satellite! Without a lot of boring details, I will just say that we have made several changes to our systems, and it "just ain't working"! After the recent installation of this "fluchi" (spell that $$$) HD antenna...we could hardly ever get FOX or CBS....well, I don't watch much television, but I LOVE Survivor and I like to watch Nascar races, which are on FOX. Cutting to the chase...... we arrived at the Farm and guess FOX, no race!! Paul reminded us that Fox has made the switch to "HD only" broadcasting.....and our TV's are not HD! OK......that did it.......within two hours of landing at the Farm, Bob had removed both TV's and the cabinet fascia's......we made a roadtrip to Costco and returned with HD TV's to replace the analog ones. He has the 22" TV temporarily set up in the front, while he makes arrangements to have a woodworker modify the cabinets to permanently re-install it and the 32" TV. Hey, and guess that "fluchi" HD antenna is working and we have FOX!

This was NOT one of the projects on the Farm list...but it's on there now! So I will be antsy until they get those cabinets remade.....I like stuff to "work the way it's designed to work" and "look the way it's supposed to look"......gee, I hope there's a dose of patience in the works for me, right away! :) But, hey, it's all good.....I can watch Survivor on Thursday night! :) And Bob can get all of his A/V "stuff" squared away so all of the "buttons" work! Life will be good again! :)


Anonymous said...

oh thats sounds interesting. I also like things in their proper place Molly so hang in there.


JB said...

And I like them to work right, but don't really care about how they look, so Brenda and I make a good pair.

greg and jean said...

Well just in case you missed it....Jeff Gordon won the's about time...47 races without a win. Hope the gremlins are gone soon.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you guys... I gotta have my HDTV! Dee and I may have to do some "surgery" on the cabinetry of the rig we plan to buy so I can get a bigger TV to fit. Cheers! Jim

Tiffany Howell said...

Hey Mom,
Good thing you're coming to stay with us for the next few days! No TV problems here. :-)

Look forward to seeing you.

Joe and Sherri said...

Tell Bob if he needs any help with setting up his system to give me a call and I will give him instructions....LOL


Mark and Dortha said...

Ain't is always something new and improved to get out $$.


Jim & Nanc said...

We see your blog along with Mark's & Renita's are now on Hitchitch. Neat!!! We are in Benson and got together with Rick & Terry.

Safe Travel