Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fields of Bluebonnets in Livingston

Oh, I've been looking for them since we arrived in Texas! We saw them in Rockport, but it wasn't until we arrived in the Piney Woods area that the fields turned blue!

Joe and Marcia amidst the Blue Bonnets

Yes, I think they are Lupines back East, but in Texas, they are definitely Blue Bonnets!

We finally made it to Livingston....home of Rainbow's End RV Park and a true pilgrimage for RV'rs. Joe and Marcia greeted us and we spent many enjoyable hours with them. (Playing Hand and Foot...and the gals did WIN some!) While on a tour of the facilities, which were impressive, we stopped at Joe and Kay Peterson's (Founders of Escapee's and Rainbow's End) house to view their gardens. Joe came out to greet us and give us big SKP Hugs...what a true gentleman he is... it was an honor to meet him! They have little memorial tributes to fellow RV'rs in their garden, and as we passed by, our trolley driver, Jim, said "That's my Ruthie". Noticing that the plaque had the name Ruth on it with the dates "1926 - 2003", and confirming that she was his wife, he reminisced about her, and how sweet her voice was. In speaking with him, he relayed this little story about Joe Peterson: "Let me tell you what kind of guy Joe is......many years ago as he was departing in his RV for a journey, I noticed he had left his keys in the car he was leaving behind. I said "Joe, you're not leaving your keys in the car while you're gone are you?". To which he replied, "Sure, I am...someone might need it while I'm gone"

I sure hope we can be just like Joe and Kay when we grow up.


Joe and Sherri said...

Be careful rattlesnakes hang out in bluebonnets

Joe and Sherri

Debbie and Rod said...

The bluebonnets are absolutely gorgeous. Safe travels.

Debbie & Rod