Thursday, April 2, 2009

Balmy, Breezy Rockport

Well, you already know that we really like Texas, and especially this Gulf Coast area...the weather has been so lovely and warm. It's quite warm enough in the evenings for me to wear shorts on my nightly walks....heavenly!

We've taken the ferry over to Port Aransas and Mustang Island, then on down to Corpus Christi... an area remeniscent of Chincoteague and the Eastern Shore of Virginia to us!!

The ferry is much like the one that crosses the James River from Surry to Jamestown!
And, of course, the seafood is abundant!! Before departing, we made the rounds to the piers and purchased lots of HUGE shrimp, flounder and even some lump crab....while the hard crabs won't ever taste as good as Martin's fresh out of the Rappahannock, they were still yummy! And we ate our share, and even made some crabcakes to share with JB and Brenda on the evening that they served us a great Canadian steak dinner....Brenda is a terrific cook and hostess and we sure enjoyed our time with them. Safe travels as you head North, friends!

Um, Um good!!
We also had the chance to meet Deb and Gary Pearce for lunch here at The Big Fisherman. We have enjoyed their company in Celina, Ohio and in Elkhart, Indiana and it's always a pleasure to see these two neighborly North Carolinians!
So we'll sadly say good-bye to Rockport for now, but we plan to return next Spring!


The Happy Wanderers said...

Hi you guys,
We sure enjoyed your journal this morning. We used to live in Bowie, MD and I worked for one summer at Wallops Island, staying in Chincoteague during that time. We loved the crab feasts and used to buy them by the bushel.
Your journal brought back some pleasant memories for us.
Take care and travel safe.
P.S. We love Texas too!
Hugs to both of you,
Ed & Marilyn

Jim and Dee said...

Another Gary Pearce? We're friends with a Gary Pearce here in Cary. It sure looks like a good shrimp dinner. I gotta go there.