Saturday, April 4, 2009

Remember The Alamo

While in Texas there were several visits to San Antonio...and, wouldn't you know it, we just loved this city also!
We've longed to visit The Alamo for quite awhile, so, along with Norah and Howie and Greg and Jean we drove up to enjoy this historic site. You know the story...the defenders of the Republic of Texas were killed at the hands of Mexico's Santa Ana and his army, as they holed up inside the walls of the mission at The Alamo. The women and children were spared, and lived to tell the story, and it is, indeed, a sad tale. The site itself is much smaller than anticipated, but the battle looms large, as one can feel the drama that unfolded on the historic grounds. We have gained a new respect for that Lone Star on the Texas flag.

Greg, Jean, Bob, Norah and Howie, above

After reliving the battle, we wondered up to The Riverwalk for lunch...... and to admire the boats plying the San Antonio river with tourists.

Later in the week, Bob and I returned to San Antonio to visit his cousin, Donnie. Bob had not seen Donnie for more than twenty years, so it was nice to visit, catch up on things, and to meet his lovely wife, Kimmie. There was more terrific Mexican food on the huge outdoor deck at The Hacienda; a nice day with family.

And yet once more, we were drawn to the lovely Riverwalk area, as Bob and I decided to enjoy a boat ride on the river and one last luncheon.....I wanted to dine on the patio by the River at Boudro's, where the waiter will create guacamole tableside....and so we did.

Definitely a memorable and delicious Tex-Mex meal.......... (the gaucamole was great!)
.....Bob chose the Chicken Fried Rib Eye Steak with Garlic Potatoes.....the picture says it all!

A wonderful shredded Beef Tapas with pineapple and raddish was my choice....fabulous! Now we have to figure out how to recreate this dish!!
One more Texas locale that has charmed us once again!

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