Friday, February 27, 2009

Mt Dora Girl's Day

Mt. Dora's Octagon shaped Train Station

Tuesday Shirley and I took off early headed to the delightful little town of Mt. Dora....a sweet village perched above Lake Dora...think a sleepy little Bar Harbor full of huge live oaks, dripping with Spanish Moss, surrounding winter "cottages". There are many inviting Victorian era bungalows, cottages and mansions, along with the picturesqe train station, quaint restaurants, B&B's and eclectic shops.

The Gables....charming outdoor dining with a bit of a view of Lake Dora (we enjoyed a yummy lunch here)

A view from the street, overlooking Lake Dora

Donnelly House in Mt. Dora

Shirley had an appointment at Sole' Skin Care and Spa.....she had arranged for some of us to have "beautiful things" done there a few weeks ago, so the two of us treked back today to visit Janice and Jennifer, our new favorite "beautician magicians". These two gals are really up to date on skin care and all things to make you look better....I sure hope we do! At any rate, we've had a lot of fun doing it and visiting Mt. Dora! We strolled thru many of the shops and Shirley purchased some really lovely yarn at the Knitting Store...can't wait to see what she makes! Then it was lunch on the outdoor deck at The Gables restaurant, perched above Lake Dora. It was a picture perfect day in the seventies, with the sun shining in a cloudless blue the girls had a great day out in the fine little town of Mt. Dora!

We'll be leaving Florida Grande on Wednesday morning heading West.....I'm sure going to miss Shirley!


Paula and Tom said...

Safe Travels
Tom & Paula

squawmama said...

Hi... I just love Mount Dora... Such a beautiful little town... We go to Orlando for a Rally next week and then pretty close to Mount Dora the next week... After that we will be heading up to Georgia for the FMCA Rally... Safe Travels to you guys... Where exactly are you heading???