Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in January

Last week was a busy one...there are several birthdays in January so it was decided that we would fry turkeys and have a Thanksgiving in January to celebrate birthdays!

The first bird is dropped!

Joe, Bob and Jim are the turkey fryers!

The crispy, golden finished product!
Then it was time to enjoy the turkeys.....with the dishes prepared by all of our great cooks, we had a feast fit for a king....Dressing, gravy, potatoes, squash, cranberries, and lots of fresh salads!
Happy birthday in January to Leslie, Smokey, Leland and Joe!!
Of course, we don't really need an excuse to get together and eat..it is one of the things we do best!
Last week was on the cool side...as a matter of fact, it was downright COLD for four days! We had two nights down to about 25 degrees...brrr... and several days that remained in the fifties all day! But we got through it, and are happy to report that it has been in the upper seventies or eighties for the last five days or so! The warm weather feels so good to the bones! We walk and ride our bikes everyday and there is always something to do. Makes it hard to keep up with the blog! :)
Hugs to everyone!


Terry said...

Dale and I are tired of your blaming us for any of your weight gain. Since it appears quite justifiably, you two are the real culprits. All you two do is find excuses to go somewhere to eat!!!!!! If you will take time to notice we are not there!!!!

Bob and Molly said...

Yeah Terry...guilty as charged!! But we had good teachers!!! :) We miss you guys!
See you in March most likely....We'll go on a diet before then! :)