Friday, May 8, 2009

90 years young....and still dancing!

George and Charlotte arrived on Sunday to enjoy the beach with us....we always enjoy their company, so we were glad to see them!

Tuesday night the plan was to meet C. M. and Shirley at Billy the Kids for the Tuesday night Special...Prime Rib, with all the fixings and one free toddy, with music and dancing for the evening!
Ready to roll!
Of course, the company was wonderful and the food was great too, but there were some new acquaintances Gene and Evelyn....

Gene is 86 and Evelyn is 90, years young!!
They met 12 years ago here in MB and have been "sweethearts" ever since. Both have their homes here near the beach and go dancing several times a week, play golf, and just returned from a Mediterranean Cruise! These guys are truly inspiring...and one would never guess their ages, if they didn't reveal them!

George took the opportunity to dance with Evelyn while Gene was otherwise engaged!
Everyone enjoyed chatting with these two interesting folks!!

We all did a little dancing......

C.M. and Shirley are great dancers!
The time always flies with good friends...and especially so when the food is great and the music is good!

George and Charlotte and Bob and Molly

Thanks for the memories guys.....more good times to remember at the Beach!


Jim and Dee said...

That gives us all inspiration! Thanks for posting such a great couple.

Anonymous said...

I see from the last pix that Bob's facial fur is filling out quite well.

Still haven't taken Dale out to eat since we hit Goshen.

Pretty soon we'll be wasting away to nothing.


Louise said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I really like the new blog design!

Mark and Dortha said...

What a great life...and still ejoying it.

Who is that strange guy with all that hair on his face?


Joe and Sherri said...

Great...hope I am going that long.