Friday, May 29, 2009

Where did the time go?????

Bob, working hard...or hardly working?'s Friday night and Escapade is over.....whew!! Man, time sure flies when you're having fun!! Despite the rain and more rain, which started Monday morning (at least all of the rigs got parked before it rained:) ), it was a great week spent with good friends.

On Tuesday, I slipped out and found there were two places in Sedalia to purchase a laptop....Wal-mart and Staples. Neither had my first choice, but I really did not want to wait to have something shipped back home, so, I have now replaced the old faithful Dell and life goes one. My FarmTown farm won't die, Bob doesn't have to share (he really was very good about it!) and I might make a few blogs posts! LOL

I haven't loaded many photos to the new laptop, and it seems I left the camera behind many days, while we were so busy running the golf carts and handling Customer Service issues, which was our volunteer Staff duty here at Escapade. So, photos later.... there are some doozies! On second thought, I think perhaps I'll borrow Kathy's idea and copy the photos from Netter's and Kieth's......those guys got "adopted" at they are legally obligated to join us at future events! LOL

We will head East tomorrow to Hannibal, MO, .....SPAM look out...we're coming your way!!
Hugs to everyone!


Terry said...

If Bob were "Really" handy he would find one of those "fix it yourself" web sites to tear down the OLD DELL and resurrect it for you now that you have a new one.

I've found them for mine and Dale's computers in the past and fixed power jacks, replaced hard drives and cleaned on-board fans.

The sites will give step by step photos on disassembly, real fun!

Mark and Dortha said...

I am glad to hear the rally went well and it sounds like there was lots of fun. Thank goodness you didn't have to get towed out of the mud. Wish it had worked out for us to join in. Maybe next time.

Be safe and see you down the road.


The Happy Wanderers said...

Welcome to our home town of Monroe City, MO. Monroe City is going through some tough times now, with two major industries closing.
Marilyn & I are in Hannibal at Mark Twain Cave Campground.
How long will you be at the COE Campground?
We would like to see you and Nick long enough to say hello.
Take Care & Have fun!
E & M

Joe and Sherri said...

Good to see you made it through the storm at the rally. I heard it was a mess. Good deal on the new computer...can't be without you main communication device..LOL
We are now in Louisana and having a lot of fun. Trying to catch up on all the journals...I got behind in the move.