Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day.....and on to Sedalia

Well, once again the week flies by.....Sunday was Mother's Day....our first without two Mom and Kristy. We decided to drive back from the beach on Friday, so I could go to Catonsville and spend Saturday with Tiffany. The weather was lovely and we rowed and planted her garden. The azaleas, iris and dogwoods were blooming beautifully with her roses just starting to bud. Once again, we dined at the Catonsville Inn and had a wonderful evening. It was a great Mother's Day for me, just spending time with Tiff. I am so grateful for the kids we are blessed with!

Photos of Tiff's Gardens

On Sunday, we got Kenneth, Kristen and Trey (Kristy's oldest children) and went to KK's house for a cookout. Kristen, Trey and Eric went to the Farm in Montpelier with me, to see the new filly and the chickens, then took some flowers to their Mom at the cemetery. It was a beautiful, sunny day and a reminder that life is good and we are blessed, even when God does not play things out the way we might think He should. Gratitude is an attitude, and it's good to be mindful of that.

Kristen and Trey at KK's Flower garden

There were many errands to be done early in the week, and on Wednesday, Bob and I had promised to help J.D. (the kids' dad) out at the house he bought and is renovating. So we headed out early Wednesday to King William and toiled the day away! It felt good to dig in and work on a project!! You know that I like to be busy and engaged, so it was fun to participate in J.D.'s renovation! The house is a large, old "four square" house with a huge wraparound porch and eleven foot ceilings. Now, it does need a lot of work, but it will be a nice home soon, for he and the children. It is a big project and the kids are helping work on it also. He let them each choose the color and theme to decorate their rooms.....Kenneth chose "Hot Rod" or car guy, Trey chose Washington Redkins, and Kristen selected shades of grey. The electrical, sheet rock, and HVAC were all underway on Wednesday. This weekend the porch gets updated. He wanted each of the children to have their own bedroom, and plenty of space for them to spread out.....he is working very hard to accomplish this, and seems to be enjoying the journey. Anything worth having is worth working for!

Thursday was the day to get ready to head out again....on to Sedalia, Missouri and the Escapade!
Also on the agenda was plowing the garden at the Farm for Paul and Katie. The blackberries are blooming now, so it's time to plant! While Bob plowed, I planted herbs for Katie in pots on the back deck. With that little chore accomplished, we showered and drove up to Amelia for his Aunt Carrie's funeral. Those things done, we finished our cleaning and packing up, and were ready for a Friday morning departure!

Now, I must fess up to a new addiction, and it is robbing my blog time......FarmTown on Facebook.....I admit it...I am hooked! And it's all Shirley's fault! :) She introduced me to this farming pastime when we were in Myrtle Beach; it is just too fun! Of course, I had to share it with Paul and Katie and Bob, who are also hooked. I love gardening and working in the now we have to choose between farming "virtually" or in reality.....that real stuff keeps you plenty busy! And I love my "farm tan" think I'll just keep on hoe'in along!

We're enroute to Sedalia now....looking forward to seeing many of you guys at Escapade!

Hugs to everyone!

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Randy and Terry said...

Bob & Molly, we'll be at Sedalia, too! We've never been to an Escapade so we're looking forward to it. Hope to see you there.