Friday, May 22, 2009

Sedalia, Missouri...getting ready for Escapade

Another week has almost passed here in sunny Missouri....the mornings are crisp and the days are bright and sunny! We arrived in Sedalia on Sunday evening, meeting the Gass's and several others at the Moose Lodge. We all enjoyed watching the season finale of Survivor on their big screen in the Lodge on Sunday night!

Sedalia is another inviting Mid-West town, with welcoming people, charming old homes and a nice Main Street. It's the home town of Scott Joplin, and considered the birthplace of Ragtime music. The annual Ragtime Festival begins shortly after the rally ends. Hopefully, there will be more time to explore the lovely town soon!

Tuesday morning was check-in day for us, around 7:30 (yes, that would be AM) we managed to get the coach washed then head on to the Missouri State Fairgrounds. It was great to see Paul and Connie Anderson upon arrival...they've been missed since our Florida days! We shared some good Mexican dining with them Tuesday night! On Wednesday Joe and Marcia arrived, and on Thursday, Keith and Donna got here, followed by Jay and Fay and Greg and's good to see these buddies!! It was also nice to see Beth and Red (our own Too Crazy Ladies!) Thursday night! So it's getting busy and FUN around Sedalia!

And...sadly my laptop screen has shined it's last Bob is forced to share with me until we can get a new one delivered. Since he doesn't share too well, my crops are suffering (FarmTown) and the blogging is limited also! Maybe I can get him to do a blog update for me! :)
Hugs to everyone!


Debbie and Rod said...

Nobody has any business being up that early....


Mike and Pat McFall said...

Have fun Bob & Molly!! Keep us posted on what's going on.

Hugs.......Pat and Mike

Randy and Terry said...

Molly, give me a call at 410-336-9326. Looking forward to working with you!

Terry said...

Bad BOB! You should share or give her yours!

Dale got me an MAC for my birthday, I have used it some...Just can't give up on the old Toshiba yet. I've had three crashes on my last two Toshibas, including one the end of March. So she decided I need to try something else. It's a refurb with 3 yr service contract works very well just different from the old XP operating system I'm used to.

Terry said...

Hey Mudpuppies!

Not raining here at the lake!

Do you two have your name on the list to get towed out of the fairgrounds at Escapade?

Ron said...

Was nice to meet you this morning at the dog show. "Now I can put the faces with the blog.