Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Myrtle Beach Days

Myrtle Beach days are fine days....most days Bob cooks breakfast and we eat on the porch....

....we catch a few rays of sun by the beach and a stroll up the strand. Later, I will take my "serious" walk in the evening, up Ocean Boulevard and back down Hillside Dr, about 2 1/2 miles or so.

Shirley initiated the "evening" walking back at Florida Grand, and I've been walking in the evenings since then. Shirley and C.M. live at Myrtle Beach.......

.....and they invited us down for steaks on the grill, to their lovely home near the beach.

Shirley and Bob supervise dinner!

Molly, C.M., and Shirley

What a delight to spend time with these fine folks again....they served a great dinner and we had lots of time to chat and catch up on things. Meeting Shirley and C.M. was a highlight of our stay at Florida Grande and we always look forward to seeing them.

We plan to meet them again on Tuesday evening for dinner and some shaggin' up at Billy the Kids, with George and Charlotte. Myrtle Beach days.....always good!

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