Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bridges of Parke County

Our first Parke County covered bridge sighting, Melcher Bridge built in 1896

Monday was the day to deliver the coach to Bradd and Hall for the Maple flooring installation....:) :) Can't wait for that to be finished!! They need it for the next three days, so about 3 1/2 hours Southeast, on the Illinois border is Parke County, Covered Bridge Capital of the World, and from October 10 thru 19th is the Covered Bridge Festival. It was the perfect time to spend a few days "vacationing" in this quintessential mid-west area.

The weather being sunny with bright blue skies and 73 degrees was perfect for moseying around, taking autumn photos of these lovely old structures. Arriving at the festival center in the Town of Rockville around 3:30 pm, we got (literally) the last room in town, at the Owl Nest Inn....Toolie, the endearing proprietor, offered us a room in her daughter's house next door (she rents out two bedrooms adjacent to the B&B during the Festival). Thrilled with this offering, we gladly accepted! Toolie and her daughter, Starr, saved the day!

Then it was time to sample the many goodies offered at the Festival grounds in Rockville. Everything smelled so good....grilling sausages, spiced apples, smoking chickens and pork tenderloins, and corn fritters for starters. Uh Oh...cholesterol city again! After sampling a few delicious things, it was off to see Covered Bridges!

The Mecca Bridge over Big Racoon Creek, Built in 1873

The Phillips Bridge over Big Pond Creek, built in 1909

Phillips Bridge from afar

The Sim Smith Bridge over Leatherwood Creek, built in 1883

What Festival would be complete without.........
A big bowl of Peach Cobbler with cream!! UmmUmm good! :)

Makes it easier to forget the country's troubles with the simple life here :).
Hugs to everyone!


Mark and Dortha said...

So glad you are making progress with the coach. I know it is going to be beautiful when it is completed.

What a great festival...looks like a must for next year's list.

Have fun for all of us.


Joe and Sherri said...

Bridges...Sherri would love this place. I hope she has a chance to see these pictures. We tried to see some of the bridges in Vermont but our trip was cut short. Oh well there will be other trips. Take care and have fun...

Joe and Sherri

Jim and Dee said...

I love covered bridges!!! I didn't know any were left. Now we have another have to see place. Thanks

Tiffany Howell said...

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the postcard from the Covered Bridge Festival. We miss ya'll and can't wait to see you!