Sunday, October 26, 2008

A sneak preview of the Before and After...

OK, are just a few photos of the redecorating done to the coach here in Elkhart.....
since it is not yet finished, you'll see a couple photos of the living area. Still to be completed are the new front window drape and the accent pillows in contrasting fabrics and the bedroom comforter, pillows and fabrics . When it is all put together, there'll be a complete "before and after" photo shoot!

Left: BEFORE The dining area and double J sofa, with upholstered valances and chair in the "Aqua Mist" original Monaco fabrics and the Aqua Mist carpeting!!

Left: AFTER: The dining area and double J sofa, with the Maple valances on the windows, black and taupe on the dining chairs, new maple flooring with taupe carpet on the slide out, and new accent fabric on the pillow, small gold pineapples on black fabric!

Left: AFTER Another view of the dining and sofa area with new valances and flooring

Left: BEFORE Another view of the Aqua Mist Valances, sofa and old favorite Pineapple pillows!
(Hint: I like pineapples!)

Left: AFTER Closeup view of the dining area with the maple valances, black placemats and accents

Left: BEFORE Closeup of the dining area valances

Left: BEFORE Another closeup of those lovely Aqua Mist Valances!

Left: AFTER Closeup view of the maple Valances
Left: AFTER Closeup of the living area sofa and maple valance with the black pineapple fabric

Left: A closeup of the accent fabrics: left side is Citadel Jet (used in the bedroom) and right is Welcome Black, the pineapple fabric used in the living and dining areas
So, there it is folks, or at least a part of it! (Especially for you, Terry! :) ) It has been a labor of love and for the most part, lots of fun, since we love doing this type of "renovating". The best part is that the green "Aqua Mist" carpeting is GONE....did I say that I am a happy girl??!
So, what do you think?????
Hugs to all!


Sandra said...

It looks great!

Dale said...

It all looks fabulous, Bob and Molly. We are going to do the valences too. I think Terry is going to do them though. He did put in a third medicine cabinet for me and did a beautiful job. He just doesn't like doing drawers!

Safe travels!


Ellie and Jim said...

Beautiful! What a difference the maple makes. You'll love that floor, too. Can't wait to see the bedroom.


Randy and Terry said...

OMG! It's stunning! So warm and cozy. Thanks for the pictures!

Jim and Bobbie said...

I love the new look...the floors are the best. What a great change!

Leno said...

Oh boy, I love it. Those wood floors are just beautiful. You both have great taste.

Joe and Sherri said...

I love the woodwork around the windows. I will see if Sherri let me do that to ours. It looks so rich. I hate the cloth around windows. Yours looks like a house now!!! Great idea. Love you floors too but he windows are my favorite.

Thanks for sharing


Pam Ridgely said...

Wow!! Looks GREAT! And the couches look good too, almost new. You were right to put floor on at an angle, doesn't look like a bowling alley.

Ginger said...

I love everything and it look beautiful. I can't wait to be in our full time so I can remodel.