Friday, October 10, 2008

A Grand Old Train

Here at "Camp" Duncan" we are located across from the "Elkhart Yard", allegedly the busiest train switching yard in the Mid-west. The squeal of the train track is a constant background noise here, as the trains slow to either refuel or reposition and await their turn for switching. It sounds much like the scraping of fingernails down a chalkboard as the trains slow to a mere crawl while they enter the yard. At first we found this sound very annoying, but we learned to use background noise (humming fans) to drown it, and as we've been here a bit longer, we've just become accustomed to it. Doing a Google Earth search shows the train yard to be huge, appearing to have as many as fifty tracks and a large diesel fueling station.
The other morning as we were heading out, we noticed an unusually attractive, older train stopped on the outer rail. As we watched, white SUV's began pulling in and men in suits alighted to board the train. Stopping to take some photos, we conversed with a gentleman, who confirmed our suspicion that this was the Norfolk Southern Executive Train out of Norfolk, VA.

A grand old train graces the Elkhart Yard

My sister, Brenda, and brother-in-law, G. L., retired from Norfolk Southern executive offices in Norfolk a few years back. What do you bet G. L. could chime in here and give us the real skinny on this beautiful old train???

We have enjoyed the trains in this area and we'll actually miss all the "train sounds" here at Camp Duncan!

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Joe and Sherri said...

I just bought my little buddy a train. Thomas the Train...LOL he loves trains and would have a fit over this site! We are back in Cyber Space so may catch you on chat tonight.

Joe and Sherri