Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's next??.....

What's next here in Elkhart is more work needs to be done. One of the things we had scheduled here was the replacement of the rear slide out seal, as it had developed a small tear on the right side, resulting in a little leak at that corner. Duncan replaced the seal as requested, but in the course of the work, they discovered an area where the other side of the seal had leaked and caused some water damage to the side, in an area where we could not see or detect it. So we will be in Elkhart a few days longer than we had hoped to have this corrected. We will move to the Monaco Service Center building tomorrow to let them begin this correction.

On the topic of service and repair, it is worth mentioning that we have had a great experience here with Duncan RV Repair. The staff is just great and the techs are good at what they do and keep you informed. There's a nice campground and lounge area, and you're treated very well. Angela is the receptionist/concierge/girl friday who can accomplish almost anything for you and is a pleasant and bright spot in everyday. We have really enjoyed being here and having them work on our coach. Can't say that about too many places these days! And so far, the folks up at the Monaco Service facility have been amazing. More on that later. But, it's all good!

What's next in the news and the future of the good 'ole USA???

Here's my favorite article for today from The Wall Street Journal:

Barney Frank...he gets the Bull Butter Award of the day. Who is he kidding???? Barney Rubble would serve us better. But kudos to Artur Davis, Alabama Democrat. At least he gets it, and admits it....refreshing for a change amongst the teflon coated legislators!

And here's another interesting tidbit on the OpEdNews site.

Read it all. They put the real "spin" on the mortgage mess and give you "faces" to go with it. Think the Sandlers will help with our portfolio losses.....NOT!! (Sure hope none of you owned Wachovia stock) How do you spell "C R O O K"?

(Sisters: what would Mom say about this??? Hope you cashed your checks, quick!)

This exposes NBC at it's (liberal) "roots".
By the way, NBC put the SNL video back on the site today. Watch it. It's a hoot!

Thanks to all of you who made great comments on the blog the other day. This is such a crucial time for our country and there is so much bull butter out there that one can hardly wade through it...and that's on both sides of the aisle!!

Truffles for President!!

Hugs to all!


Joe and Sherri said...

Sorry about all the repairs. Sherri and I both are voting for all the new names on the tickets this year. No incumbents will get our vote...we are firing them all this time. I wish eveyone would do that until we get someone in there that cares for us and not the special interest groups.

Joe and Sherri

Pat and Mike said...

Hi Bob & Molly,

Can't wait to see pics of your floor. I have been thinking I will do the same thing when my carpet needs replacing.

We are praying for Kristy, Kathryn and your whole family. Please keep us posted.

Big hugs........Pat (and Mike)