Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back at the farm...

Well, another week of moving has passed and things are looking pretty good! Bob left Maryland Friday in the MH, heading to the farm to begin helping Paul with some projects there. I stayed on in Catonsville to help Tiff and Scott put a few more things away and generally get the moving over with. They still have a few books and things to sort through, but have the house pretty straight. If you want to see photos you can visit . I'll post some here soon.

I left Maryland Sunday morning early, hoping to beat the traffic on I 95 and was mostly successful. After getting through the mixing bowl in Springfield with no slowdown, which is in itself nothing short of a miracle, I made it all the way to Fredericksburg before traffic slowed to the typical 35-45 mph stop-n-go cycle that is the norm for Northern VA and I 95. I hopped off in Ashland to do a little shopping and then took Route 54 on over to Montpelier, arriving at the farm around 2 pm. It was great to see Paul and Katie and all the grand-dogs and kitties.

Bombay, the granddog, says "Hello"!

It's so quiet and peaceful here, and with the weather being cooler and dryer, we can sleep with the windows open and enjoy the quiet of the country.

Dinner was Chubby Chicken Salads (well, Chubby Shrimp for Katie:)) out on the big deck; it was a cool relaxing night.

Monday and Tuesday will be spent at MCV hospital with Kristy. There is another Bone Marrow Transplant meeting on Tuesday, this one includes her children. She is back in the hospital now having the first of her Third Phase of chemo drugs, and they are preparing for the BMT, hopefully to take place around the middle of September. She spends four days in the hospital, then three back at home for three or four cycles during this phase. Hopefully she can avoid any infections or set backs, so the BMT can take place in September. So keep those prayers coming, please!

Hugs to everyone!


Ellie and Jim said...

You two are some amazing folks. We haven't met many who give so much of themselves as you do. I know your family appreciates your presence and your help!

Prayers continue for Kristy, I hope the transplant is successful.


Mike McFall said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kristy and all the family. Faith will keep you all and her strong. Its a tough battle, we know what she is going through. My son Scott would say "hang in there". God Bless!!! We'll be watching and praying!!
Mike & Pat
Custer, SD

Joe and Sherri said...

Our prayers are on going. Keep the faith.

Joe and Sherri