Friday, August 29, 2008

Some things are universal...

A view from Rick and Tami's deck over the mouth of Morattico Creek

This week has flown by....Monday was spent at MCV with Kristy. She had a gazillion more tests and they finally discharged her around 7:30 pm so we got her home, then I headed for the river. She was feeling pretty good, and very happy to be out of the hospital.
Wanda called and was taking our Mom to the hospital on Saturday evening; seems she has some pneumonia and kidney and heart issues. Mom is 85 but she is one sharp cookie and bounces back from everything, so we think she'll be just fine soon.

Over the weekend the guys decided to "take a look" at the hot tub on Rick and Tami's deck. One of the interesting things about RVing is spending time with the many friends we meet. I have observed that ALL men are uncontrollably drawn to any RV with a compartment open and a diagnosis in progress. Just let one guy open the door to any mechanical item, and within a very short time, ALL the guys in the area will be leaning over said compartment in the midst of a serious diagnosing conversation. I'm quite sure it's a testosterone related issue!! Well, the verdict is in, and it is not restricted to RV is definitely part of the male diagnosing!!! In the photo below you can see the best side of Rick and Bob, with Dale hovering, as the male group gene takes control with this hot tub issue!

And all this time I believed this syndrome was related to RV travel. Well, I know that theory is dispelled, as it applies universally, to ALL men, anytime, anyplace!
At any rate, it is great entertainment for us gals to observe all the intricacies of this male ritual!!
I'm not sure if they fixed the hot tub, but they most assuredly "took a whack at it"!

We completed our Dr's appointments and spent some time just relaxing.....I think we had almost forgotten how, we've been on the go for so long!! But it was a nice week with pleasant weather. Bob had his colonoscopy today, which was pronounced "fine", so he's good to go for another five years.
We spent most of Thursday and some of Friday preparing for the Clam Bake tomorrow. The seafood, corn, potatoes, carrots, onions and chicken are here and there was a little assembly line going this afternoon getting everything prepped for tomorrow.
This evening Bob dropped off to sleep (think he still had a little residual "drugs" in his system)so I played Hand and Foot with Evelyn and Chuck and Donna. Evelyn and I lost, but it was fun playing!

Tomorrow starts the Labor Day weekend and we'll have the Clam Bake and Golf cart parade here on the island.....should be a a great weekend!



Mark and Dortha said...

You are right about the male thing. I have witnessed it myself on many occassions. Still can't figure it out. Oh, well, I figure it keeps them well entertained! Have a great holiday weekend. Enjoy the clam bake and parade.


Kram-a-lot Inn said...

Here's wish you an enjoyable weekend. I expect pictures to be posted.

Love Ya

Bobbie and Jim said...

Oh, how both Jim and I laughed reading about the group diagnosing thing....shades of Quartzsite and superbowl weekend and the tv, remember? Miss you both terribly. Bobbie Chapman

Bob and Molly said...

Bobbie, Oh yes, you know we remember it well!!!
Miss both of you also! Big hugs to you!