Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Mexican with "SPam"....

Tuesday was a "day off" from packing for us! Tiff had to be in Fairfax for a meeting at her office, so we had an easy day and ran a few errands. Found a new Super Wal-mart here and picked up a few needed things and did a little tidying up in the MH.

Friends and fellow RVers, Smokey and Pam Ridgely are in Hagerstown, MD for the summer, so we made arrangements to meet them in Frederick for dinner. After a nice drive up to the "Fajita Grande" restaurant, we had a good time visiting and enjoying a great Mexican dinner with these fine folks, affectionately known as "SPam". They drive about the biggest truck we've seen.....

Pam in the Big Truck

......and it is occasionally a RDBE ( Rig Driven By Estrogen) as Pam is an accomplished driver also!!

We have met so many great RVers and made many good friends, and these guys are truly the "cream of the crop"; It was nice to share the evening with such good company....we love SPam!!

Tomorrow we'll be back to work packing up and will enjoy spending a little more time with Tiff and Scott!

Hugs to everyone!!

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