Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh, this must be my blogsite!!!

OK, OK, I've been very remiss about updating the blog!!! It has been a very hectic month...and that is an understatement!!! Thanks to everyone who emailed or called to check on us....we really are alive and well, and ready to travel!!!

We spent two long weeks packing and moving out of the house and it was quite a job!!! We finally finished and closed on the house last Friday the 25th of July!!Yippee, no more lawn to mow! But I really do love to cut grass and work in the yard, so I'm available!! :) :) I know Paul and Katie will let me help out on the farm yard and there's always some grass to cut at the river, so I'm quite sure I can get my "yard fix" any 'ole time!!!

As if we haven't done enough "moving", we are now in Fort Meade, Maryland, for the next three weeks or so to help Tiffany and Scott move into their new home in Catonsville, MD. There is plenty of packing to do here!!! There's a truck load coming up next week from our house and we left a load at Jimmy's house which he is bringing up this weekend, so there will be a huge moving party in Odenton at Tiff's house, just in case anyone feels the need to pack and move heavy boxes and furniture!! We are now very experienced at this!!! It will be good to spend time with the "kids" and we enjoy helping them, so we are looking forward to having a nice visit during this time!!

Early morning sunrise over Lancaster Creek at the river

It was great to see Joe & Marcia Jones for a long weekend!! They came by last Thursday and stayed at the river with us until Monday...had a great time with them just relaxing after the big move and "just messing about" at the river. Carol Jean and Leonard Burton took us out fishing and we had a little fish fry last Friday night, complete with fresh tomatoes and spoon bread...Yum, was that good!!

Joe and Bob get ready to fish

Enjoying the Fish Fry: Carol Jean, Bob, Joe, Marcia and Leonard

We also celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of July. We were too tired to go out on the 23rd, but Tiff & Scott and Paul & Katie surprised us with reservations at La Fourchette in Adams Morgan, Washington DC; one of our very favorite restaurants!! So we had a delightful dinner there last night, after we arrived here in Maryland. Thanks to our favorite kids for a wonderful surprise and dinner!!! :)

Tomorrow, August 2nd, is my niece, Kristy Williams, 35th birthday. She is bravely fighting her battle with leukemia, so wish her a happy birthday tomorrow.

Hugs to everyone!!!

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Mark and Dortha said...

I know you are glad the moving is done. Isn't it fun to have great kids. Hope to see you guys real soon.