Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pearson's Island at the River

Sunset view over the Rappahannock

What a nice weekend at the river!!! The weather has been just great !! Both of us have been fighting the "ole back ache" after all the recent activity, so there's been alot of relaxing going on....well, attempting to anyway!!

It was good to see all the folks on Pearson's Island again and do a little visiting. Paul and Katie came down on Sunday and spent the day, which was nice. Next weekend, for Labor day, there'll be a big Clam Bake and Island Party at Rick and Tami's (formerly our "cottage"), so we spent some time making the plans for this. Bob does a terrific Clam Bake, Yum Yum!!

We rode our bikes some, as well as the golf cart and just enjoyed being back at the River. It is so soothing to be here and just enjoy "being here". There's no other place quite like it.

Bob has a Dr's appointment Monday, in preparation for his routine colonoscopy on Friday, and I will leave early heading to MCV Hospital to be with Kristy all day. Hopefully they'll let her go home...her four day stay turned into an eleven day stay; this is how it always seems to go for her.

Another sunset view, over the creek

Minkie has been sickish this weekend, so there may be trip to vet on the schedule also!! Oh well, we'll all get our Doctor's appointments taken care of!!

Hugs to everyone, and many thanks to everyone for your well wishes and prayers for Kristy! :)


Ellie and Jim said...

There's a special place in heaven for you both, you truly are angels on earth.

Our prayers go with you and your family every day, stay safe, and big hugs!

Ellie & Jim

Joe and Sherri said...

Well Bob I have to go and have the old scope done next month! Gee I can't wait.