Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Branson and Elvis.....

Monday brought rain and cool temps to Branson....actually cold for me! It rained all day and we went sightseeing in town. Found the old "Downtown" area near the river and especially enjoyed the nostalgic feel there. There is an old Candy Store with Peanut Butter Logs, and Fireballs, and wonderful chocolate covered pecans and cashews (good prices too:)!) Of course Mint Juleps were high on the list of candies desired, but they had none, so it's back to Montpelier for those little goodies, for my sister, KK.
This area is reminiscent of going shopping in Downtown Roanoke or Richmond with Mom when I was little, with just a little more "glitz" mixed in. Quaint and a little more laid back than the main "strip" through Branson.

Kathy & Chuck suggested dinner and a show so....it was really nice Mexican at the Landing in Branson then.....Elvis.....rather, Tony Roi who REALLY looks like Elvis and delivers a great show. I love Elvis, and always will, so it was great fun for me! We all enjoyed the presentation and the cast was very warm and welcoming. It was a fun ending for a rainy day.
Kathy and Chuck came to the Rally after having met up with Ginger and Jesse in Livingston, Texas while registering their vehicles. Ginger told them about the Rally and they signed up and arrived on Sunday. Their nickname is now "Roadkill", affectionately!! We've had a lot of fun with them and are glad they joined us!!

So, for all you suffering with the heat, stay cool....I'm wearing my jacket and complaining that it's "cold"!! :)
Hugs and love to everyone!!

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