Thursday, June 26, 2008

Escapade Fun

The past few days have been busy with "preparing" for the Escapade....since this is our first year to serve, we have been been mostly observing and seeing how things are done. There is a great deal of work involved for a rally of this size (over 1000 rigs) so there are alot of volunteers here. Our "job" is in Customer Service, which means that we try to keep people happy. We solve problems and attempt to give people what they want...oh, and we ride around in a golf cart, picking people up and giving them rides to and from the different facilities here. It really is a rather fun position, and we are looking forward to working in the days ahead.

We enjoy our leader and buddies, Roger and Nora Hartzler, pictured above on the golf cart. Since the days have been sunny and pleasant, it has been a fun learning experience here.

How do you like this rig?...they drive the little Geo up on the bed of the truck, then hook up their fifth wheel and away they go! This wonderful setup belongs to Roger and Nora.

And here you see some of the staff....good friends Howie and Nora Glover with Roger and Nora...hard at work here in Wyoming....

Tonight we were served a lovely dinner. Here are Howie Glover, Rick and Terry Traver, and Connie and Paul Anderson.

Roger, then Jane and Russ Darrow, enjoy dessert at the table....

After quite a few Customer Service golf cart rides we took evening strolls and visited around the campground. This is a great line of work!

Hugs to everyone!

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Dee & Jim said...

OH what fun!!! Looks like there's no boring times on the road. That's something even Jim can enjoy. Learn a lot, have fun.
Dee & Jim