Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rally fun in Branson.....

There's been so much going on all week here at ABC Campground for the rally, so no time for writing! :)
Alot of fun and good times were shared and many friends made. Here's Chuck and Cathy, our "roadkill" friends from California. They are a sweet couple and we've enjoyed our time with them so much. We'll see them again in Ohio this fall most likely.

You'll find it very hard to believe, but I actually did a "craft"!! Of course, it's the "remedial" version of Tee Shirt Braiding, but with lot's of help from Ginger and Linda, I finally finished mine. Maybe I'll even wear it one day!!!

Our Verizon Aircard access here is very s-l-o-w, so more photos will be added takes forever to upload them without Rev A access!! Sorry!

The weather has been pleasant most of the week; after the rain it cooled down and has been most enjoyable. We've been able to sit outside and eat, chat and play games.
We've enjoyed the company of Ginger and Jesse and Barb and Roger along with Chuck and Cathy many evenings, while we played Mexican Train and lively games of Hand and Foot.
Howard shines his "headlight" to light up our gameof Mexican Train

Good information was provided in the seminars and lots of good food and new recipes were shared. Mormon Beans was a new one for me!!

On Sunday the destination will be Tulsa, OK to visit Jay & Fay and Lulu. I'll try to update more and post some photos whenever we can get better internet access (rev A).
Hugs to everyone!

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