Thursday, June 19, 2008

More buffalo, beef and beautiful hills....

Thursday we took the Wildlife Loop through Custer State Park again in search of more buffalo. Bob had heard that there was a large herd of buffalo roaming the Park and we wanted find them. And find them, indeed, we did. What a sight to see hundreds of buffalo, roaming over the hills and down into the flat grasses. We watched them for close to an hour as they roamed closer to where Bob had positioned our car. It was thrilling to watch the lumbering animals with their calves as they grazed towards us.

Buffalo mission accomplished, we drove back thru the loop, watching for more Bighorn Sheep up on the rocks, as our photos from yesterday were at such a distance and thus not very clear.

Again, we found Bighorn Sheep and got much better photos today. These critters are amazing they stay on the steep rocks and hills is amazing. They are definitely sure-footed!

And last, and well, yes, least, we came upon the largest turkeys I've ever seen! (And I've seen a few big ones!) There are two in the tall grass in this photo.

Thursday morning Pat and Mike McFall came by the motorhome to get us set up with a Pressure Pro system for monitoring the air pressure in the motorhome and tow car tires. We had met them briefly in Casa Grande and they sure are a sweet couple. We enjoyed visiting with them so much. They helped Bob get the system installed, so now we'll feel much safer on the road.
We had intended to get the system from them at the Rally in Branson, but, sadly, their son Scott, succumbed his battle against Leukemia two days before the Rally started. We have thought about them so much, as our niece, Kristy, is fighting the same battle right now. He fought a valiant fight, but it is a vicious disease.
Later we drove to their site here in Custer, where they truly have a "million dollar"
view of the Black Hills and a lovely home base. We will look forward to seeing this very special couple again.

They also told us about The Alpine Inn in nearby Hill City, which offers a Filet Mignon dinner for $7.95, with salad, potato and Texas toast. Since we are in "beef country", we have been eating the beef, and have not been disappointed yet! So, it was yet another fantastic filet for dinner, even better than the last! And the setting in an old Bavarian Inn, is truly lovely! (There is a large German influence in this area) Beef is a bargain here, so since we don't eat much of it normally, we're making up for it while we're in cattle country.

Of course, we had to stop at The Purple Pie Palace for more pie today. Thursday is Chocolate cream pie day, so Chocolate it was, and a Brumbleberry piece "to go", just in case we get hungry tomorrow!!

It was cold again this morning and I wore a jacket most of the day. The heat is running tonight again...but it is really nice to have a little chill in the middle of June!!
Another beautiful day!

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Did you get to stop by and watch any of the Branson shows while there?