Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gillette, Wyoming

We pulled in to Gillette, Wyoming today around 11 AM. Made the requisite stop at the Wal-mart for a few provisions....the men here really dress like cowboys....many of them wearing Cowboy hats and boots, Levis and chambray shirts, and belts with lots of silver. They ALL drive really big trucks too. Must take alot of cowhands to handle all the cattle we have seen thus far in Wyoming!

Just after arriving we got a call from Roger Hartzler (our volunteer "boss" and a really great guy) saying that several rigs were going to overnight at the Moose Lodge we mosied on over after our shopping and have spent a nice afternoon and evening with Roger and Nora as well as Jim & JoEllen Gass.

Tomorrow morning we'll head out early to the Cam-plex here to get set up for our volunteer duties at the Escapade. Should be very interesting and fun!

Hugs to everyone!!

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Dee & Jim said...

What a great time for you two! North & South Dakota are two states we haven't seen yet, we'll be following your lead on where to go when we get there. So many places to see! Great blog.

Congratulations on selling the house. I can't wait to hear all about the sales and getting rid of "stuff".
Great seeing you at the rally! See you next on the road.