Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surrounded by Buffalo...Custer, South Dakota

Yes, that's us in the lil' white station wagon...surrounded by buffalo!!

This was the site from which we took most of the "close up" buffalo photos last week on the Wildlife loop at Custer State Park. As we were exiting the dirt lane after the herd passed on, a nice couple approached us in their car and showed us the digital photo they had taken of us from the main road. They asked if we'd like them to email it to us, and, of course, we said "Yes!!". So today, true to their word we received this great photo from a lovely lady named Kristene. We're not sure which state they're from, but we think it was Minnesota or of those cold, lake states!!!
Thanks so much, Kristene for sharing the photo with us!! Big hugs to you and your family!! :)

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