Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rally end and Tulsa, OK

First, a few more photos from the rally in Branson:

Our group at dinner Ginger & Molly volunteer at registration Molly with Sherri and Speedy "The Hillbilly Woman"Howard and Linda, our hosts Moppah and JJ

Left, Barb and Roger
Right Chuck and Cathy

The rally ended Sunday morning with a great breakfast. We said our good-byes to everyone and got ready to head west towards Tulsa, OK, for a visit with Jay & Fay, one of our desert camping buddies this winter.

Around 2:30 pm we were delighted to see Lulu and Jay & Fay at their lovely home in Tulsa. Molly with Lulu

Jay grilled terrific Rib eyes with veggies and served us a delicious dinner upon arrival. It was great to see them again and we spent a nice afternoon chatting. We decided to head to the western side of Tulsa that evening to avoid the heavy morning traffic. The next destination is Custer, SD and Mt. Rushmore so we were traveling off the I 44 and across a limited access “turnpike” (short for Toll Road in OK).

Shortly after stopping for the evening at one of the “travel rest stops” along the way, we heard thunder and got the weather warning radio out. This was our first experience using it during a storm…..whewwwwiie….what a night!!! And what a storm!!! Thankfully, it was not a tornado warning…merely a “severe” thunderstorm with 60 mph gusts, the heaviest rain---raining horizontally….quite and event in my book!! A steady stream of lightning and thunder accompanied the downpours. This went on for most of the night so we were up and down, checking the alerts and deciding if we needed to leave the MH. It was a good learning experience for us, since it wasn’t a tornado warning, but it sure gave us a good idea of what takes place and how we need to be prepared!!

Monday takes us on to Kansas…hugs to everyone!!

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