Friday, June 6, 2008

Branson, Missouri

Thursday evening brought lots of wind and storm warnings, so we opted to overnight in West Plains, MO, enroute to Branson. There were tornado watches all over the Midwest, and around 8 PM the CG owner came by, pointed out the storm bunker and gave us instructions in the event of a tornado alert.
Storm Bunker

There was plenty of wind all night, but thankfully no real issues to deal with.

The journey to Branson continued Friday morning and we arrived at America's Best Campground around 1 PM. After setting up, we hopped on the bikes and rode around the CG. We met Ellie and Jim as well as Howard and Linda, the hosts of the RV Rally here at the ABC CG. All delightful folks!! Later we took the car over to the car wash area and gave it a much needed bath!

Since there is lots of cloud cover and a very strong "breeze",it has kept the day quite pleasant compared to the 90 degree heat we've been having. No A/C today...just open windows and fresh favorite kind of weather, but don't think it will remain like this for long!!

So Branson will be our home for the next week or so...can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Anonymous said...

Hey Molly,
I wondered how the weather was out there. How big is that bunker? It doesn't look very big. We were up in Montpelier yesterday and I think we went by K & P's place. A friend of Allen's lives on the other end of that road on Middleton I think. Kristy is doing better, but I take her to the liver surgeon today. So we will see what he has to stay. The incision started losing some of those strips and that got her a little upset. But she is eating better, but she needs encouragement. Have a good time and don't put up any umbrella's and be a Mary Poppins or you might be Dorothy and Minkie. Bye got to go. KK

Two drifters off to see the world.... said...

KK, did you get Mint Juleps at the store in Montpelier??? They have lots of them!! :)

Love to Kristy and the kids!

Anonymous said...

Which store? The shamrock? When Allen's driving I'm too busy watching him making sure he doesn't go to sleep or go off the road. This time we were pulling the horse trailer so he did a little better. He only yawned a few times. We are having a cool down here. It's only 101 in the sun on the front of this building. Kristy is doing a whole lot better. The head doc is telling her how to manage her life without her ma, and pa, and AH. Have fun.